13th March 2020

Springbourne Homes boss Adrian Burr has again featured on television, this time appearing on popular car show ‘Bangers & Cash’ with our chief executive Lee Harris.

The programme, which was first shown on March 12th on the Yesterday channel, filmed them over-seeing the restoration of a vintage MGB GT, which Adrian had bought at auction as a surprise birthday present for his wife Alison.

And on the show – episode six in the second series of ‘Bangers & Cash’ – our classic car enthusiast chairman revealed exactly why he had bought the silver MGB, which was in its original factory floor condition and with just 18 miles on the clock.

Adrian explained: “My first car was an MGB GT and I went courting with my wife in it.

“I just thought if I’m going to spark her interest in classic cars then maybe getting the one she used to like when I had it as my first car, might do the trick.

“There’s a lot of nostalgic memories connected to it and hopefully she will enjoy driving it – if she doesn’t it can always go back to Mathesons (the auctioneers) can’t it?”

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